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Galloway Tree Services Ltd are fully trained and qualified arboriculture, who can provide a wide range of Tree Services and Maintenance to local councils, businesses and the individual home owner.

What is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture is defined in Wikkipedia as

Arboriculture is the selection, planting, care, and removal of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants, and the study of how they grow and respond to cultural practices and the environment.

To the general public our work is generally known as Tree Surgeons, and we are often called tree surgeons or tree doctors.

Types of Arboriculture Services

We are fully trained and licenced to carry out wide range of professional arboriculturial and forestry services, and we are happy to advise on all types of tree problems. Whilst we are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and mainly work within a fifty mile radius, but have worked for clients all over the country.

We are specialist tree surgeons, dealing in all kinds of tree work, including tree felling and remedial surgery.

Tree Surgery

Urban trees need to be cared for, as they can become a danger to the public or property.

Potential hazards include:

  • Old wounds can become weak points on the tree.
  • Trees naturally produce dead wood, which should be removed before it falls causing damage to property or people. Certain growth abnormalities can become weak points as the tree grows and matures.
  • As trees grow they can become too close to houses or other property, with their branches interfering with gutters or windows and their roots afftectin the foundations.
  • The tree may become just far too big for the size of garden it is growing in.

Dismantling and Felling

This is the complete removal of a tree, by carefully removing it in sections, this is carried out when an unsafe tree is a hazard to property or the public. GTS has invested in the latest rigging equipment and staff training to ensure you get the very best and safest sectional fell.

Some of the services Galloway Tree Services Offer
Crown Reduction
Complete reduction of the size of the tree. By the careful removal of the outer crown to produce a smaller sized canopy
This is very specialist work, normally no more than 30% of the total canopy should be removed at anyone time unless safety is an issue. Branches should be removed to growth points whenever possible. Certain species and tree forms (sometimes dependent on the trees environment) need special work this will be discussed subject to your requirements.
Crown Lifting
The removal of lower branches to lift the height of the crown.
Crown Thinning
The removal of weak, crossing or duplicated branches to improve the structure of the crown.
Dead Wooding
The removal of dead branches, to stop the hazard of them falling on to buildings, vehicles or the public. This process also allows the tree to heal efficiently.
Site Clearance
Land clearance for development work.
Stump Grinding
Stump grinding and stump disposal. We use large stump grinders from the USA, and smaller machines so difficult access is not an issue. No stump to big or small, we grind them all.